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Biocultural Diversity Centre
of the Kyrgyz National Agrarian University
named after K.I.Skryabin

From immortal time in daily life of Kyrgyz people traditional knowledge and experience had an important value. But unfortunately with globalization, wide spread of mass culture, the traditional knowledge went out of use and their gradual loss began.

At the heart of traditional knowledge of Kyrgyz lies a careful attitude to the vital environment -oi kumene (ой кумене), to natural resources and their rational use.

In modern world, when ecological problems became the problem number one before mankind, revival, preservation and further development of traditional knowledge of Kyrgyz people gets a special urgency. For the purpose of revival and further development of traditional knowledge of the Kyrgyz people, in Kyrgyzstan, in 2007 had been accepted the law of Kyrgyz republic "About traditional knowledges and genetical recourses", but, unfortunately, in the absence of accurate mechanisms on its realization this law doesn't work. There are not any organizations, establishments or centre, which purposefully would be engaged in collecting, ordering, studying of traditional knowledge, and development of syllabus, guideline for teachers and introduction of interdisciplinary course into educational process, also information distribution, preservation of Kyrgyz traditional knowledge.  In this regard, in 2010, by the solution of the Academic Council of the Kyrgyz national agrarian university (KNAU) and had been created the Biocultural diversity center (BDC) of KNAU with financial support of The Christensen Fund (USA).

Mission-revival, preservation, distribution of Kyrgyz traditional knowledge in the field of biocultural diversity and their introduction into educational and research spheres.

Vision- synthesis of traditional knowledge with achievement of education and science.

Goal- further development of BDC, as educational-research and informational centre of traditional knowledge on biocultural diversity.

Role-in present time there is an urgent need of synthesis of scientific achievements in the sphere of science, traditional, empirical knowledge of Kyrgyz people in the field of biocultural diversity and their introduction into educational process. Functioning of BDC within the precincts of KNAU will promote the introduction of traditional knowledge on agrobiodiversity into educational and research processes, which will promote the enrichment and strengthening of traditional ecological consciousness and culture of students, young researchers and teachers.

Within the frame of project works are proceeding:

- on collecting, the analysis, systematization of traditional knowledge (TZ);

- on release of the 3rd parts of catalog book (about herbs, about horse breeding and ethno kitchen);

- on development of the working program and guideline  for teachers of an interdisciplinary course on traditional knowledge;

- on preparation of the first anatomic dictionary of pets (national names of bodies and parts of  animal body) and the terminological dictionary about plants (national names of medicinal, fodder and food plants);

- on development of methodical recommendations «Ethno biological methods of research».

Series of seminars on development of structure and the maintenance of an interdisciplinary course on traditional knowledge, improvement of teaching technique of this course and its further advance had been conducted to another universities and colleges of Kyrgyz Republic.


BDC carries out the activity on following three components:

  1. Informational research.
  2. Educational.
  3. Students.
25.04.2015: Third Festival of Education, April 24, 2015

14.04.2015: K.Osmonoliyev, Member of Jogorku Kenesh of KR visited BDC

07.04.2015: Exhibition of graphic images of bones, skeleton animals for illustrative anatomical vocabulary.


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